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Microgrid for a Puerto Rico Children’s Home

    Before 2017, there had routinely been power outages following storms, but this children’s home in Puerto Rico is now more resilient to extreme weather events. Thanks to the installation of a microgrid system, this facility can run on stored power for short outages, and can run on a diesel generator for extended periods of time, should the situation arise.

    All the installation, startup, and commissioning services were provided by an independent electrical contractor, on a volunteer basis. Fortunately, the system  successfully went into service without any significant technical problems or delays.

    Microgrid for children's home

    This project was completed  remotely with the dedication of an all-volunteer team. The effort was challenging, but served as a rewarding experience for all involved. 


    • On a rural mountain top in Puerto Rico, a home and school for neglected children had routinely experienced power outages following storms
    • Hurricane Maria left the facility without power for months
    • The children’s home needed a power solution that accounted for the site’s frequent  and lengthy outages, and offered long-term reliability


    • Designed a microgrid power system that could be supplied by the normal utility source, or operate independently using an on-site  generator, photovoltaic panels, and/or storage batteries
    • Installed inverters to convert stored energy from batteries to AC for backup power during utility outages
    • Installed one transfer switch to transfer building load between the utility and emergency power sources, and another transfer switch to select between stored battery power or the facility’s generator


    • Today, the shelter’s power system provides reliable backup power whenever needed
    • With this solution, the facility can run for up to 12 hours on stored  energy from a  renewable source, and can run on a diesel generator for extended outages
    • The facility is now more resilient to extreme weather events, including the seasonal hurricanes that affect this region